Why Choose Our Firm?

Our firm is dedicated to serving all of our clients at the highest level, and there are three main tenants that we focus on: Service, Knowledge, and You.


We are a small boutique firm. What that means for our clients is that they are more than just a file number or a phone call to return. We know the details of our client’s lives, families and needs and work tirelessly to make sure that those needs are met. And the best part, that service does not stop the day your documents are signed. We are there for you if your bank is less than helpful with your new trust, or you cannot remember which document to give to your doctor. Your legal matter is for life, and we’ 11 be there for you every step of the way.


Phil Gibbons has been practicing in these areas of the law for over 40 years. He and his associates work exclusively in these areas of the law so as to provide the most in depth and precise representation to their clients. On top of their knowledge in the field, our firm provides itself in our ability to bring something extra to our clients. We do this by bringing a level of tax knowledge to everything we do. We try to not only any the question of “if’ our clients can do something, but “is it the best thing to do”. In this way, when you work with one of our experienced attorneys, you’re getting the most effective advice available.


Your estate plan will be as unique as you are. Sometimes that means we have to ask the tough questions in order to get the heart of what needs to get done. But at our core, we are here to make sure that are protected. We do whatever is in our power to ensure that you and your family get the protection you need. Whether you matter involves a new or revised estate plan, administration of an estate, or a business matter, let our family protect yours.